Hello everybody,

I am Florin and I will be your guide here, in this small universe I’ve created: Kosmium.

Kosmium is the name of the board game I have been developing since 2015; having a space theme, I’ve chosen this name as a derivation of Cosmos.

Kosmium is a board game where bluffing combines with short-term strategy, by manipulating your luck and opponents alike, in order to accomplish your mission. To win the game, each player have to build a space highway in order to connect 3 specific celestial bodies. Each turn, a player has 2 options: draw a card and move to gain minerals or stay in a Space Station and build with pieces of highway, consuming minerals.

It can be played with 2 – 6 players, aged +14, individually as well as in teams, and it usually takes around 15 min per person. The player turns are quick, the game is fast-paced, the level of interaction between the participants is very high and so is the replay value. It combines game mechanics such as card drafting, hand management, point to point movement and route building.

The idea of creating such a game came to mind in August 2015, while reading the Sci-Fi novel “The Game-Players of Titan” by Philip K. Dick. The book described a bluffing mechanism that gave the possibility to advance any desired number of positions despite a reference number on the card. I like bluffing in poker and I liked this concept even more. I asked myself if I could implement this in an existing board game, like Catan or Monopoly. I quickly realized it’s not that easy to create game rules, so I challenged myself to crafting an entire new game.

By November I started play testing and soon realized the game would take +3 hours to complete/finish. So in December I rewrote half of it, keeping the bluffing mechanism I’ve developed and adding the goal of building a space highway that can go even through planets. The highway theme was inspired by another Sci-Fi novel, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.

The game has been through many stages of development and over the course of a year, with the help of Maria Miu, as the graphic designer and a group of numerous friends acting as testers and contributors: Florentina Micu, Aişe Iusmen, Andrei Troaşcă, Bogdan Răzvan, Maria Panțur, Oana Purice, Lucian Vasile and many others. Thank you all for your support and feedback!

Now, Kosmium is in the phase of testing the final prototype, with over 150 unique players having enjoyed playing it in more than 50 matches. We plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the game on the 18th of January 2017.

If you want to test the game, join us at our future events in Romania or write us to be part of our blind-testing network.

Follow us here, on Facebook and Instagram for more updates about the game. Thank you for reading and feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

What is Kosmium? Short history of the game