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Wow, there are only 2 months left until the Kickstarter launch of Kosmium! (18th of January 2017)! I will  be writing more about what Kickstarter is and how it works in a future post. Now I want to share with you the current status of the game and what we are planning to do next.

We continued to play-test Kosmium, and as I personally discovered and played more and more board games, I felt the need to upgrade the game with a victory-points system, in order to offer a more balanced experience to all the players.

With this in mind, an extension was born. It includes energy cubes placed on all of the celestial body for the players to collect, 12 tokens with unique abilities to add to the pilot card and a scoring system that is triggered at the end, when a player accomplishes his/her mission (the missions are the same: unite 3 celestial bodies through a highway). The feedback received for the extension was very positive, that we will consider it part of the base game from now on.

During the last month I have also sustained conversations with specialized companies for producing the game, with companies from either Germany or China as the main options. The amount of technical details, printing and material options was unexpectedly high, but my designer education came quite helpful. I aim to deliver the end product at high quality standards and to keep things simple, the components will probably be made only out of paper, cardboard and wood.

To do so, here is our latest proposal for the design of the spaceships, made out of wood, with a height of 4 cm:

5In order for our funding campaign to be successful, we will also need the shared opinion of others regarding Kosmium. There are numerous game reviewers that share their experiences, thoughts and recommendations regarding (the newest) tabletop games, mainly on their YouTube channels or websites. I am happy to let you know that some of them are interested in reviewing Kosmium and we plan to get prototype copies delivered to them in less than 1 month.

Before we do so, we want to brush out any unclear syntaxes in the rule book or on the cards as well as make a final balancing of the powers and abilities. For this we need your support: come and playtest Kosmium at the upcoming events or even better, contact me for having Kosmium at your own gaming nights with your friends.

Upcoming events:

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Thank you for your support and feel free to contact us for any thoughts on Kosmium.

Kosmium status update #1