Hi there! In this article I will share some more insights about the current status of the game so it’s more aimed towards our followers who are already familiar with Kosmium. Soon we will make a full presentation of the gameplay and share the complete rule book.

In the last few weeks we continued testing the Kosmium expansion at an intensive rate, while balancing the 12 abilities and the victory point system. I am now happy with the outcome: although the ability tokens require some extra attention from you (ex: don’t forget to cash-in minerals when another players takes a specific action), their added value to the gameplay is worth it. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about the victory point system; you count the points only at the end of the game and, during it, your main focus is the same: be the first to build their highway.

In parallel, we gathered feedback also about the core game and from today we implemented another round of adjustments (hopefully the final one), mainly regarding the amounts of minerals of different powers. For example, now Ionic Blast offers a discount of 70 minerals when blowing up a celestial body (previously 100). Tax Collector gets you 70 minerals when another player blows up a celestial body (previously 100) and from 3 cards in the pack, now are 2 left (1 was replaced with an extra Teleport). More notably, all the prices for blowing up celestial bodies have dropped by 50 minerals.

This fresh version of Kosmium will face a final round of testing this weekend, at Târgu Mureş. I will be attending “Zilele Jocurilor” from 2 to 4 of December, the biggest board game convention in central Romania. A public presentation of Kosmium is scheduled on Friday at 15:00 and after that I hope to have as many playtests as possible with both hardcore and casual gamers.

Right now I am cutting the new cards, coated in plastic and the new tokens: img_0924a

Now I would like to write a little about the board game communities, both local and international. In the last 6 months I met more and more awesome people, many of which I consider now friends, all sharing the same passion for tabletop games. I went to their events, they came to mine and we played in parks, in pubs, in our homes. Without them, Kosmium would not have evolved and I would have not learned so much about the great games out there.

Although it seems I’m working all alone at designing Kosmium, all the people that play it are contributing into shaping the game in its final form. So here comes a BIG THANK YOU to Laura for your Shadow Events, to Alex for being a great host at Aria Café, to Răzvan for teaching me so many games, to Flaviu for his videos at Națiunea Jucătoare and to all of you who played the game.

Additionally, I feel now I’m a part of an international community of board game designers thanks to a series of Facebook groups where people are sharing their thoughts, struggles and experiences, ask questions and receive honest feedback. Thank you, new friends, and kudos to James Mathe for managing the groups! Also, if you are interested into the worlds of board game design & publishing and Kickstarter, you must read this two awesome blogs: jamesmathe.com and stonemaiergames.com.

If you like what we are doing, share it with your friends! With every new fan, Kosmium is getting closer to reality! You can follow us on any of our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I’m enjoying quite a lot this journey of crafting Kosmium and I haven’t felt exploring alone not for a single day! Thank you and see you soon.


Kosmium status update #2