Hi there! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and had some time to also enjoy great board games.

In the last month, Kosmium continued to evolve, both in mechanics and graphics. As more time is needed to bring the game into its best final shape, we are postponing a little more the Kickstarter launch date. We are planning for the project to go live in February 2017!

We received solid feedback from passionate gamers at the “Zilele Jocurilor” convention in Targu-Mures and at other playtests in Bucharest. We redesigned and rebranded the player’s turn to make it more streamlined: instead of having Power cards of Alpha, Beta and Omega type, now a player’s turn is made of Phase 1, 2 and 3, in which the player can use corresponding Powers and Abilities.

Furthermore, a graphic upgrade was applied to all printable components (board, cards, and tokens) and we are quite happy with the result! Do you like it?

The rulebook is also getting closer to finish and you can find the latest version of it right here. It will continue to be updat in the following weeks; if you find a typo or something unclear, please contact us.

At the moment, I am preparing the files for printing, in order to produce the preview copies of Kosmium to send to reviewers. Thank you guys for your patience and adjusting your schedule with my delays.

In the next 10 days I also plan to make a ‘How to play’ video of the game so everybody can learn it more easily.

Going back a little, I had a great experience at Targu-Mures, as it was the 2nd big presentation event for the game, but the 1st convention dedicated to tabletop gaming. The hosts were far too kind, offering free booths for the designers with prototypes and did their best to promote the convention, having few thousands of visitors in 3 days. I shared the floor with fellow designers from Bucharest: Eli Lester had quite a success with his Travelin’ card game and the gang behind Legend Board Games had good sales with their Viking themed game, Tafl.

I had the opportunity to make also a public presentation of Kosmium and the process behind creating it. Thanks again, Mihai and the boardgamers.ro community! The best part of the convention was meeting so many people passionate about the gaming industry, from hardcore gamers to publishers and retailers. I will return for sure on the next editions, hopefully with games on stock!

As the year comes to an end, I look back at the journey I took by crafting this game and it makes me happy: made lots of new friends, offline and online, learned a lot about managing a project, game design and how to self-improve, explored the awesome universes of many great games, and finally, I created something I am proud of.

Again, I feel the need to say Thank You to all my friends and supporters of this project. I am confident that together, we will make Kosmium a reality!

Wish you all a Happy New Year and lots of joy in 2017!

Kosmium status update #3