Hello friends,

Kosmium is back in business!

Although I haven’t shared much about the project over the last few weeks, we kept working on it and things are looking great now! We hoped to launch the game in February, but we still need some time to finish things up. The first advice everybody gives regarding crowdfunding games is “Don’t launch until you’re ready!” We will do our best to start our campaign in the second half of March and we hope you will be there to support us!

One month ago I, Florin, had a live appearance at Guerrilla Radio station, where I was interviewed by Petru Stratulat regarding Kosmium. We talked about the development of the game, from idea to functional prototype, play testing and future plans.

This is how a prototype of the game looks like now:

Great news are also coming from the reviewers based in the US: they received the prototypes and the play testing is going well. I’m very happy that the rulebook had very small flaws and we will be able to present 2 video previews, a 3rd written preview in English and a 4th one, which is a video preview in Romanian.

Speaking of this, this past weekend we finally managed to film our video presentation of the game for the Kickstarter campaign. We want to make it personal, a little fun and keep it short, at about 2 minutes. But as you can imagine, we worked very hard for 2 days to record multiple takes and now it’s up to our friend, Moso, to do his magic and edit the whole footage in one great video!

While the core game of Kosmium is completed, we continue to play test some new cards and upgrades for the stretch goals of the campaign: 3 new – more aggressive – powers, to disrupt even more the plans of your enemies and a laser tracker – as a catch-up mechanic for those left behind.

Bonus, last week I’ve received the very first game I’ve backed on Kickstarter, Mint Works. I’m impressed of how good it is and the level of fun it brings to the table, while being so tiny! It also has a great reply value and a good production quality!

In the next blog entry I’ll teach you how to play Kosmium and after that, probably in a week, we will launch a Facebook campaign to promote the game, while also teaching its core mechanics. Spoiler: the big prize will be a $200 voucher to purchase any board games you want from Amazon!

You will be hearing more from us from now on, as the launch date of the game is finally approaching! We are also hosting weekly board game meetings every Sunday in Bucharest, where you can join us to play Kosmium and other great games.

You can follow us on any of our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you again for your constant support!


Kosmium status update #4