Hello friends,

We are finally ready to announce that Kosmium will be launching on Kickstarter on 12th of April 2017 at local hour 17:00 (GMT +2 / 11:00 EST)!

The support of as many people as possible is vital in the first 2 days of the campaign and we hope you will be there for us! You will be able to back the project / pre-order a game for $42 (which includes shipping to US, UK or RO) or pledge even more, if you want to name an ability or have your picture in the final game!

Set-up your Kickstarter account right now so you’ll be ready to pledge the moment we will launch! You can also pledge/ donate starting from $1, if you just want to contribute without receiving a physical reward.

Sharing the project on social media is also very helpful, so if you have friends interested into board games you can show them now our Facebook page, where we are running a contest to win board games up to $200! In the contest’s video you can also learn how bluffing works in Kosmium!

What is Kosmium?

Kosmium is a competitive board game for 2 to 6 players who race to build cosmic highways through the Solar System, while manipulating their luck and opponents. It takes around 15 minutes per player and combines mechanics like bluffing, hand management, point to point movement and route building.

Here’s a preview of the components in a game of Kosmium:

Players move their spaceships on the outer circuit of the board in order to gain minerals which they use to build a space highway inside the board. Each player has a specific color and a mission to connect with a highway the 3 celestial bodies of their color. Oh, and while doing this, you’re going to blow-up planets!

Each time you draw a card, in order to move your ship, you can bluff how further you go, but also can be challenged by another player. Don’t worry if you can’t make a great poker-face! There are powers and items to use for turning your luck around and your opponents can never be sure what your strategy is. Nevertheless, a great deal of fun (and resources) comes from somebody wrongfully accusing you of bluff or when your move is approved and you reveal you made a greedy bluff!

The game was early inspired by Sci-Fi novels like “The Game-Players of Titan” by Philip K. Dick and “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. It’s been developed over 1 and a half years by me, Florin Bărăscu, with the help of Maria Miu as fellow graphic designer and a large number of friends as play-testers.

Now, the game is 95% finished, regarding both rules & mechanics and art. We will continue to improve and develop the final version of it, during the Kickstarter campaign, according to the feedback the backers will give.

Let’s craft this game together and make it a reality!

Thank you for your support,


Kosmium – launching on 12th of April!