Hello friends!

The Kickstarter campaign for Kosmium did not worked out. I was eager to launch it and was planning to constantly promote it afterwards to attract more backers each day. Unfortunately, the first days went very slow and building upon that was hard. We will cancel the campaign tomorrow; all pledges will be automatically dropped, no backer will pay anything.

The good news is that we gained more experience at how things works and now we know where we need to improve and develop. We will relaunch a Kickstarter campaign for Kosmium with few important changes, possibly in June, depending on your feedback.

It is highly important to have at least 70-100 fans of the game ready to click ‘Pledge’ in the first hours and the first day of the campaign, in order to be featured on the first page of ‘Newest games’. As more people will discover the game this way, we will build a more solid momentum on which to promote the game.

Although you haven’t heard much from us lately, we kept working on the game to further polish its mechanics and with our partners to find ways to reduce the costs.

How does a new price of $29 sounds for a copy of Kosmium? (Adding $5 for shipping to US, CA and EU). This is the new target we are pushing for, combined with a funding goal of around $14 000.

If you are a fan of Kosmium, please take 2 minutes to fill the following survey, so we can better prepare for the relaunch: Romanian survey or English survey.

We are also restarting our public gaming events so you will have the chance to test the new, re-mastered version of Kosmium soon, in Bucharest.

Thank you very much for being part of this journey, thank you for backing the project and sharing it, thank you for your support!

Our time to rise and shine will come! Stick around for more news and cosmic updates.

Wish you a great week,


Canceling the Kickstarter campaign and planning for a relaunch