Hello everybody,

It’s been a long time of radio silence about Kosmium, as my priorities shifted, but now I am ready to restart working on it and other board game related projects!

We kept working on it on last few months, tested different new mechanics in order to enrich player’s experience and now I am quite happy with the current prototype.

I also took part again in December at “Zilele Jocurilor”, Romania’s biggest board gaming convention and Kosmium won 3rd place in the designer’s contest! More importantly, the feedback we received there from players and the jury, helped us craft a even better version of the game.

Here’s a quick insight: the bluffing and route building are quite the same, but there’s a new engine building mechanic: you produce and gain energy in different ways and then you fuse the energy into minerals, teleport actions or victory points. Each time a fusion is made, a marker goes up on the fusion tracker and reaching top will trigger the game’s end. In addition, we are working on unique player’s abilities, side quests and new card powers, to increase the fun and replayability.

Now, the plan is to restart the play testing & promoting events in Bucharest and increase our presence on social media, to gather a solid crowd interested in our board game. With the help of old and new friends, we hope we will make Kosmium come true via Kickstarter at some point towards the end of 2018!

I invite you all to join our Facebook group, where I will share more updates about the game, plan our events and brainstorm everything related to Kosmium!

During my journey I met other Romanian designers that plan to launch their games on in the near future, so you might want to check them out also!

Moonshiners of the Apocalypse– a 4x game with a tad of combat, where you raise distilleries, produce moonshine and sell it into your pubs to maximize the profits.

Imnia – a strategic economic medieval city builder, where the objective is to develop your town, gather resources and be the first to build a wonder to win.

Super-bee – a fun little board game for children age 6 and over, where you are a little working bee and have to collect as much honey as you can.

Grim 1 – Alchemicum a game that combines the fantasy world with tarot, alchemy and occultism, in an incendiary cocktail of strategy and chance.

And also there’s Travelin’ which is already self published by Eli Lester and can be bought now with worldwide delivery from https://www.trvln.com/ .

You can also join this group to share all board game related topics with the Romanian community or dive even more into the forum.

Oh, and tomorrow we celebrate International Tabletop Day 2018! We invite all fans at the event hosted by Snakes & Wizards, where you will have the chance to playtest Kosmium, Moonshiners, Imnia and other prototypes by local designers! Also our hosts promise lots of contests and fun during the entire day. See you there!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this I hope we’ll see you soon!

Play, have fun, repeat!

P.S. : I’ve also started working on a new board game, code named Factorium, where you will develop factories to build robots, use them in different scenarios or sell them for profit and victory.


Kosmium is back!